Truck Camping…

Here are just a few of the items we packed to take with us on our very first, and the start of many, we hope, of a truck camping trip. We have an aged tent that fits (kind of) on the bed of our truck. I will publish photos of it in a future blog. We have two aged thermo type pads that we Velcroed together for a double bed. To fill out all the other old equipment, we borrowed back an old sleeping bag that we had given to our son when we moved into the RV.
This is pretty much what our truck will look like as we head north west out of Oklahoma City. We will be driving into Colorado and plan on stopping at as many things that we find interesting. We plan to hike, drive over as many mountain passes as possible, ending up in Denver Colorado to visit our friends, Bruce and Becky.

Hinton Oklahoma….

We snatched our grandson up and hit the road west out of Oklahoma City for a visit to the Hinton Historical Museum and Parker House. It is located at 801 S. Broadway in Hinton, which for some reason, my GPS could not find. So I located it the old fashion way, I stopped and asked for directions. The museum has an old farm house (that we had to pass up, as one in our party had enough visiting) a 25,000 square foot two story barn filled with lots of state and local history showing how people lived from the late 1800’s forward. They have Oklahoma’s largest buggy and barbed wire collections.
This is a fire extinguisher, I guess one of the first on wheels.
This is the first “station wagon” or so we were told. We had a private tour given by Art Peters. He has a great slide show and really explains the canyon system running east to west and how it was used in the 1800’s. The original wagon tracks are still visible in a few of the canyons.
This is a copy of “rules of conduct” for riding the stage coach. I hope you can read them, pretty interesting.

A lot of small towns in Oklahoma have similar paintings on some of their buildings, and we think they look really neat.


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Route 66

We have been trying to visit Route 66 while we are here in Oklahoma and, again this week, I am working ( maybe) on planning a trip later this week. I seem to do much more planning and thinking, and little to no action. The photo above is not from the real Route 66. This photo is from one of my regular sites that I like to read, This site gives the reader a good view of the middle east and Europe. The Route 66 signs in this shop window is located in Pejton, Prishtina, Kosovo. The story is titled “An Israeli in Kosovo.” Kosovo is a Muslim-majority country so seeing Route 66 signs and Israeli business’s seems strange, but I think it is a good thing. Michael’s blog is always a good read, well written, great photography and entertaining, sadly, everything this blog is not. But, we will keep trying to improve.

Home is where we’re parked….

This is not a very good shot of Medlar Field where the State College Spikes, an A-affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates play. Their web site, has a wealth of information on the Spikes. “Fear the Dear” is their official logo. I’m afraid there is not much fear of the team as when we attended a game I think the Spikes were five and seventeen or something close to that. We had a great time though, thanks to our good friends, Ken and Dodie, for the great seats and my Mom and step-Dad, we were just to the left of home plate and carried on like we were life long fans. Norm even won a gift certificate for Wegmans, a very cool grocery food store. If, in your travels, you come across one, make sure to stop and shop, you will be glad you did.
Harry Carson’s gas station had been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and he was still there when I made my move away from Pennsylvania. You could always get gas, milk and bread any day of the week, from early morning till late at night, either Harry or his wife Mickie were always there. The original building is gone, replaced by a convenience type store with gas. This plaque is all that remains with a likeness of the original building and garage. Now known as Carson’s corner, it will always be Harry’s to me and all the long time locals. This guy sure seems glad to see us back in Oklahoma. I think his Mom and Dad were also!

The Arts Festival……

We went to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and spent about eight hours meandering through all the exhibits. This tiny water park was sure popular later in the day. Those are real boulders that are hauled in for the week. If this is not one of the biggest arts festival, it is one of the best ones in the country.

Wow! Look who showed up for the festival. Just like real life, he answered no questions. I’m still not sure if it was because he only has about one hundred and forty some days of experience in the senate, or, and I think this was the real reason that he did not speak, no tele-prompter.
Penn State has been around for a long time, this looks like an old building.

This is one of the newer buildings, is goes over the highway.

Friends, Family and Pies, oh my…….

We are at the Highway Pizza joint in State College Pennsylvania with our good friends Steve and Linda. We have been meeting here for years and call it our “regular place.” Our connection goes way back to high school. I think we have been friends since Norm and I started dating way back in 1970. The four of us were even kicked out a few years ago! Steve and Linda and their two daughters spent the night in our bathroom with the four of us in Miami during hurricane Andrew. Four adults, four kids, a dog and two cats rode out the storm in our average sized bathroom. Always a good time with these two. Norm and her Mum-Mum in Centre Hall. She is 91 and as feisty as can be.
Ryan, Ken, Lorri and Leigha. My brother and his family here in Pennsylvania. Ryan is an all around athlete, Ken took over our Dad’s construction business and made it grow and prosper, Lorri works at the school and takes the summers off, and Leigha just scored a job with the Pennsylvania department of corrections, and graduates high school next year.
This is Renee playing’ Guitar Hero ( I think she is one). We are related somehow, but I’m not quite sure how.
This pie was one of two our Aunt Elsie made us. She makes the best pies in the world!

Roof Work…

That is Norm way over there doing prep work on my Mom’s roof. With Norm leading the charge and telling my step-dad, Bob and I what to do, we got the job done in two days.
Bob sprayed the first third, I took the second third (that is when Norm noticed some runs) so she took control to finish the spraying.
The finished product. Nice and white till today when the rain returned to central Pennsylvania.
Norm weeded my Mom’s garden and it looked so good from the roof, I had to photograph it.
When we travelled on route 66 in Oklahoma we found a round barn that was open to visit. This round barn is, I think, still in service. It is along route 45 near Centre Hall Pennsylvania.

Flight 93….

They had bench’s all facing the crash site with the passengers and crews names on.
This book was of great interest to me and I have read quite a few CVR’s in my career, but none as moving as this one.
This fenced off area is due to erosion around the site. It is a temporary memorial and to learn more about the permanent memorial, check out To donate to the fund go to
Norm and I both felt a special reverence here. They also have interpretive (interp’s to all our friends from DETO) talks now. The talk fills in the story and has insights into some of the hero’s involved. If you know the story of sheep and sheep dogs, than you know that this flight had all sheep dogs aboard.