Gold Rush Days…

My favorite part of Gold rush days is the classic car show. They don’t have a lot of cars, but they are unique. Like the one above, I have no idea what year it is, and it was for sale.
I love the old muscle cars and there is nothing like a big block engine.
This car looked very much like an original. At least to an amateur like me.
This is a 1957 Thunderbird. I think my Mom had one like it when I was a toddler.
This is a Hornet, it reads “Super Wasp’ on the side. I’m not sure but I think there was one like this in the movie “Cars.”


I came across some free PVC pipe and for about five dollars, I made this crude looking target stand to practice shooting. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea for Norm to learn how to shoot a pistol. So, we load up our machines and head out to our local desert for Norm to take her first shots and to try out my new target stand. I only had to wait for Norm’s second trigger squeeze of the day to see the flaw in my design. She blew the upper right elbow apart! For some reason, I had no duct tape, but I did have my Father-in-law with me and the two of us wired the frame back together, hooked our old tea pot back up and were ready to go”hot” in no time. Norm hit the pot a lot, and filled it with holes. At one point it had a face like image made from Norm. Now the tea pot has taken up a prominent spot in our desert junk yard display. Just have to wait for it to rust up now.

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