This guy was in our yard right by my feet as I was getting directions from Norm about cutting branches off our tree. The only reason I knew he was there, I heard him crawling around. I could have stepped on him! We think this is a bull snake about six feet long. From the colors, it looks like two different snakes.
A large area of the desert is gone to developers. This used to be pristine desert and now it is all built up with dirt for houses and a golf course.
Norm in top form blasting through the Hassayampa river.
One of the largest lizards we have seen out in the desert.
We had a lot of reptile encounters on our visit. Not sure what type he is, but he stayed long enough for me to get the photo.


We took a road trip to Congress Arizona and than on to Mesa to bask in the sun and heat (plenty of both). It was a great time as we always look for different ways to go so we can see more of our country. This is Oak Creek Canyon on our way to Congress by way of Sedona. It was a fun drive in a car as you can see by the road. Really tough for anything other than a small RV.
They had a nice walk way with good views. There were also lots of Native Americans selling some cool handmade (I think) stuff.
Norm enjoyed the scenery and the mild weather. Just a little on the cool side for me, perfect for her.
I think the road is down there somewhere. Maybe?
A lot of rock formations, too many to shoot them all. They were mostly outside of Sedona, where we found some fine BBQ for lunch.

The Express Ranch….

We visited the Express Ranch in Yukon, Oklahoma, located just north of Route 66. As soon as we arrive, Leo has to take a break from riding in his car seat to relax next to the barn.
This looks like he is all alone, but both Mom and Gammi were just out of the shot with out stretched arms to catch Leo.
Inside the barn were lots of equipment displayed and some antique desks and chairs.
This coach is huge as you can see with Tamara and Norm standing next to it.
Norm had no luck coaxing this big guy up close for a nose rub.

This is by the old red barn in Arcadia Oklahoma.
We spotted this out house and you know Norm….
“Do you have any T.P.?”
This old Ford Model A or T, I don’t know was a part of a group of old cars going to California on route 66. The wheel spokes are made out of wood and the head lights had a lavender color to them.
This big guy and a couple of others like him were nearby on the way back home.

This is a place called Pop’s on route 66 east of Edmond Oklahoma. You can buy just about any kind of soda pop ever made. They have a nice place to eat with good food also.
This roof structure is huge and mostly free standing. I wondered how well it would hold up in a storm. They sell gas and diesel fuel for a fair price.
We drove east on route 66 and visited this big round barn and I realized this is about the only photo I took of the barn. Norm is checking the view from the second floor.
I have no idea what this is, but it looked cool.
This is the inside on the second floor, they do dances and parties here.

Thanks to our friend Todd, we found this trail system with a parking lot right next to where our son Paul works. It was pretty much empty so we had it all to ourselves.
Leo forgot to bring his hat, so Norm gave him her ball cap to use, but he had to give it back.
I think he is telling his Gammy to tell his Pappy to get out of those rocks.

He is always (almost) a happy baby..

5/1/07 No miles today

Yesterday, as we were heading west on I-70 we watched as a truck, an eighteen wheeler heading east bound, blew a tire on the rear of the flatbed trailer. The tire blew up and out away from the trailer. If someone would have been passing the truck, it could have been bad. A huge chunk of the tire laid in the road on the inside lane. No travel today as Norm finally gave in to her migraine and slept till noon. She is up and around now, but not quite back to her feisty self yet. We are holding our breath as thunderstorms and high winds are in the area. This is a nice campground, very quiet, wooded and it has a ten acre pond. Lots of wide open space.