Flight 93….

They had bench’s all facing the crash site with the passengers and crews names on.
This book was of great interest to me and I have read quite a few CVR’s in my career, but none as moving as this one.
This fenced off area is due to erosion around the site. It is a temporary memorial and to learn more about the permanent memorial, check out www.nps.gov/flni. To donate to the fund go to www.honorflight93.org.
Norm and I both felt a special reverence here. They also have interpretive (interp’s to all our friends from DETO) talks now. The talk fills in the story and has insights into some of the hero’s involved. If you know the story of sheep and sheep dogs, than you know that this flight had all sheep dogs aboard.

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2 thoughts on “Flight 93….

  1. In 2001 Islamofascist terrorists hijacked Flight 93 murdering 40 people on board. There were no Islamic people on that flight. There were Islamofascist terrorists. What possible reason could be there for including anything Islamic or anything even resembling an Islamic symbol into Flight 93 Memorial? Inclusion of Islamic symbols memorializes murderers who brought down the plane and is tantamount to spitting in the faces of victims and their families. United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked in 2001. Let’s not allow hijacking of Flight 93 Memorial in 2008. We, as Americans, owe it to the heroes of Flight 93!http://muslimsagainstsharia.blogspot.com/2001/09/2001-hijacking-of-flight-93-2008.html


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