Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles…

I went to the Department of motor Vehicles yesterday and a funny thing happened. I was the only customer in the building! I have been in DMV’s in Pennsylvania, Florida (Pan handle), West Virgina, Florida (south), Colorado, Oklahoma, South Dakota and now Arizona. I have a prior history with the DMV’ s across our great nation. What makes this visit stand out is I, me, am the only customer. No lines, no waiting, no looking at funny looking people. I was just standing there, taking this all in. Basking in the thought of being number one, numero uno. There were three gals behind the counter, each at their own station. I gazed across the empty room trying to decide which gal’s day would be made better by my sitting across from her. Suddenly the moment was broken when one of the young ladies said, “Take a number.” Huh? I just stood there, like a deer in the head lights. The girl two cubbies away looked at me, not moving, and she said, “Take a number please.” I stole a quick look around the room and took a number. I was number four. I looked at the nifty digital counter on the wall and it read, number four. Only than did the one clerk say ” I can help you here.” I asked “Am I on Candid Camera or what?” The answer was no, taking a number is the state of Arizona’s way of tracking customers. I still looked around one more time and thought, holy cow. 

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