Norm is so crafty…

This is a former climbing rope. We have had this rope for quite some time now. I was sitting in the climbing office at Devil’s Tower a few years back when Michael, one of our climbing rangers, asked if I wanted to go with him and find an abandoned rope that some visitor reported? “You bet!” So we scouted around the area for a while and found it. I’m not sure why anyone would leave a rope, as they are pretty pricey, but their loss turned into our rug. Michael told me never to use it for climbing, so I cut about a twenty foot length off to use for practice in tying knots ( which I need a lot of practice on). The rope hung in our shed till now. When we got back from our trip, Norm had enough of this rope hanging around and promptly turned it into a rug. She used a large amount of duct tape and some Elmer’s glue. I think it turned out real well.

Published by normdave

We live and travel full time in our fifth wheel or cargo trailer. We work for the Lord Jesus Christ in Disaster Relief Ministry. When not doing any of the above we try to have as much fun as we can. Possible items you might find here, in no particular order, dirt bikes, quads, hiking, camping, desert living, building projects, stained glass projects, our family, Bible study, RVing stuff, nutrition comments, and just about anything else we can think of....

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