Sunday School…Book of Ruth…part 2…

Vs. 10. Their first decision is to go with Naomi. Vs.11. This was strange, but the Mosaic Law said that when a man died, the nearest of kin was to marry his wife, and if there were a brother he was the one to marry her. Naomi lays it out for her girls, if you go, you will never marry, you two are outcasts. Vs. 12. In other words, she is saying if I had son’s, you two would be cradle robbers. Vs. 13. God had judged Naomi’s family and she told them that she would have to bear that, but the daughters did not have to, unless they continued with her. Vs. 14. Scene 2, get out the Kleenex. These three ladies start crying again. Orpah kissed Naomi, but Ruth clung to her. This is very profound. Great issues are often determined by choices that appear to be insignificant.  This decision fixed forever the course of human history in the direction of God’s eternal, redemptive purpose! Vs. 15. As Orpah makes her decision, we see that she never really did follow God with a heart given to Him. She goes back to her idols, never to be heard from again. Ruth made her decision and she made it for time and eternity. Ruth has her name in the very first chapter of the N.T. She is in the genealogy that leads to Christ! Naomi tests Ruth to see if she is genuine or not. Vs. 16. This is a beautiful passage. This is the kind of repentance that means something. Vs.17. Ruth tells Naomi, 1. I made a decision to go with you, and I’m going. 2. She is not only going with Naomi, she will identify herself with Naomi. 3. I am forsaking my people, my idols and I am going to identify myself with your people, God’s people. 4. The real reason she married one of those unhealthy boys, she had heard of the true and living God that came from the house of bread and praise over in the promised land. In Ruth we see genuine and real repentance. Ruth shed tears of “turning in another direction” (metanoia, Greek for repentance). Orpah shed just as many tears as Ruth, but hers were not tears of real repentance. A lot of people today shed tears, but if there is no change in direction, a course correction, it will all be for nought. They will be like Orpah. Vs. 18. Naomi knew that Ruth had made her decision. Vs. 19. Naomi returns as a widow with a little foreign girl. Very much different from when they left. Vs. 20-21a. Naomi says call me, Mara, which means bitter or sorrowful. Someone once said, “Life in this world ain’t much. It begins with a slap on the bottom and ends with a shovel full of dirt in the face, and there ain’t much in between except bumps and bruises.”      Vs. 22. God leads Naomi and Ruth back home at just the right time, the time of harvest.

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