Book of Esther, chapter 3: 1-9…

Chapter 3 This chapter has been repeated many times in the history of the Jewish people. In place of the name of Haman you put Pharaoh, Nasser, Hitler or just any middle eastern country. Ever since the nation of Israel was born till now, there has been some movement to exterminate them.

Vs 1 Haman’s position would have been that of prime minister. Haman was an Agagite. Does that ring a bell? Let’s read 1 Sam. 15:8. Disobedience! If Saul had done what God had said there would not have been a Haman. God could see what was coming from Saul not listening, it almost cost the nation of Israel its life. God is in the control  tower and in charge. No weapon will prevail against God’s people.

Vs 2 Mordecai may have been out of the will of God by not returning to the land, but he followed God’s law by not bowing to anyone other than God Himself.

Vs 3-4 Mordecai had instructed Esther not to reveal her race and up to this point, no one knew he was a Jew. With the promotion of Haman, Mordecai is forced to reveal his origin. By doing so he also reveals his religion. Mordecai worships the one true and living God, he will bow to no idol, image or man. He knows Deut. 6:4, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” Mordecai would have been told to declare this to the ancient world of idolatry. Today in our world of atheism, we proclaim the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mordecai takes a stand and everyone now knows why.

Vs 5-6 We see these two men in contrast. One stands for God and the other stands for Satan. Just like everyone today that belittles the Bible, they lack an understanding and the Holy Spirit to know the Bible. Haman did not know Gen. 12:2-3, Ps. 83:4, or especially Isa. 54:17.

Vs 7 Every day that Haman passes through the gate, his anger toward Mordecai builds and builds. When he resolves to do something about it, it is something big. Haman decides not to take the chance of another Jew that will not bow to him by wiping out the entire nation of Jews. Haman gets the magicians to cast the lot called Pur to decide when the best time would be to destroy God’s people. These guys can cast all the lots they want, but God is in charge, remember Prov. 16:33? By God’s providence, the lot falls on the last month of the year giving time for the plot to be discovered and action taken to stop it.

Vs 8-9 Haman brings to the king’s attention a group of people that are disobeying the king’s laws, that these people are following a different set of laws (the Mosaic Law) and that by killing them all, could bring in extra and much needed funds for the king. Remember the king needs money from his failed campaign against the Greeks, so this idea sounds good.

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