Day 7 Colorado Flood 2013

Never be afraid to trust the unknown future to a known God….Corrie Ten Boom…

This is Richard’s home.

This morning Dave and I were looking for the house we were supposed to assess. House numbers are very hard to see because the debris piles are so high. We walked around a house, me on one side Dave on the other. It was very obvious that the water had pushed through the back door of this home, all the way through , and out the front door. Now about Richard. As Dave and I slugged through at least 6 inches of mud, trying to figure out which way to go to find our house, an older gentleman and lady approached us through what was left of an alley. Richard and his daughter. Richard pointed us to the house we were looking for, then we began talking about him and his loss. Richard’s home has been in his family for 60 years. His parents lived in it for 20 years, and Richard for 40. We’ve not been able to help mud out his home yet because the street leading to his house has been completely washed away, meaning we have no access to his house to do the work. Why am I telling you all this? Because there’s a God miracle coming next.

After we prayed with Richard and he slugs off in the mud to his house, his daughter tells us this story. Richard lives alone and wears hearing aids. It was only sprinkling when he went to bed, naturally he takes his hearing aids out. He doesn’t hear the evacuation sirens. Two different neighbors try unsuccessfully to wake him up. Then his nephew comes to the house and some how ( I know how, it was God) wakes him up. By the time they get out the water is up to a foot at Richard’s back door. Had the nephew not been able to get him out, and he didn’t wake up until he felt the wet, it would have been too late, he never would have been able1004131042 to get out.  Praise God that (“some how”) his nephew was able to wake him up.

Dave and I have seen and heard so many God things since we’ve been here. God has even bridged the English / Spanish communication gap for us. Have you ever had moments that words just can’t describe? That’s how I’ve been feeling about God, there are just not enough or the right words to describe how wonderful and amazing our God is.

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