I have been studying this like a crime scene investigator, this photograph, ever since our son’s boss, Jay, shot it.  Normally, I would not have given myself a second glance since I am just featured as the oldest of three generations and Paul and Leo are much better looking then me, but then I heard this thing on the radio. This thing about ears. The fact that someone, around twenty years ago, decided it was a good idea to study ears. Normally at this point, 1544368_10203577820431316_1109222191_nI would write about how the government can waste money giving grants to study useless or in this case, depressing things, but the studies were done in Japan and Great Britain. It appears, after much scientific research that ears grow, over a fifty year time span,  just under a half inch. Men have significantly bigger ears then women do. I can hear wives saying size means nothing about hearing better. Ladies ear’s grow the same, but no one notices that. I started out with big ears and now they are growing. Now when we are out and about, I am looking at the size of ears. I know, sounds kind of sick. If I think too much about it, it makes me feel ill. As a person gets older, there are things they should never hear or research on the internet. I feel somewhat at ease about it though, now that I found out I can have a procedure to fix them, a “lobe job.”

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We live and travel full time in our fifth wheel or cargo trailer. We work for the Lord Jesus Christ in Disaster Relief Ministry. When not doing any of the above we try to have as much fun as we can. Possible items you might find here, in no particular order, dirt bikes, quads, hiking, camping, desert living, building projects, stained glass projects, our family, Bible study, RVing stuff, nutrition comments, and just about anything else we can think of....

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