Ecclesiastes chapter 12…

“You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.” – Jonathan Edwards

The best thing possible to the man under the sun, the natural man. A poetic picture of old age. Verse 1- Get back to God, Solomon advises. Do it while you are young. The description of old age in this chapter is accurate. this chapter is amazing and a must read!

Verse 2- You don’t see as well as you did in your youth.

Verse 3- The keepers are the legs. They tremble, they stumble, and they make us groan. We no longer stand erect, we stoop with our shoulders. Grinders are teeth. Yikes! We need more light to read.

Verse 4- The hearing goes away, but the slightest of sounds wakes us. you don’t sing as well as before, it’s harder to carry a tune.

Verse 5- You don’t like heights. You don’t like to fly. Fear can dominate your life, you just don’t enjoy taking the chances that you used to. A blossoming almond tree is white on top, like us older people. Little things can become a burden. Less tolerant, more little inconveniences bother us. Romance is Gone.?..? The long home is eternity. Death is creeping up!

Verse 6- Organs of the body. The silver cord is the spinal column. the golden bowl is your head for your brain. The pitcher is the lungs. The wheel is the heart.

Verse 7- No such thing as soul sleep. The body sleeps, but the spirit or the soul returns to God that gave it.

Verse 8- When as a child, I laughed and wept, Time crept; When as a youth, I dreamed and talked, Time walked; When I became a full grown man, Time ran; When older still I daily grew, Time flew; Soon I shall find in travelling on, Time gone. Author unknown.

Thou knowest, Lord, I’m growing older. My fire of youth begins to smolder; I somehow tend to reminisce And speak of good old days I miss. I am more moody, bossy, and Think folk should jump at my command. Help me, Lord, to conceal my aches And realize my own mistakes. Keep me sweet, silent, sane, serene, Instead of sour, crusty, and mean. Author unknown

May the Lord, give us the grace to grow old gracefully!

Above all, FEAR GOD, keeping your eyes out for the final Day of Judgement. With all of the complaints Solomon had about the nature of creation, there is no doubt as to the existence and justice of the Creator. God is mentioned at least forty times in this book….

Jesus Christ is the only solution for life’s problems. Jesus has given His promise to people of any and all ages…”…him that comes to Me I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37).

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