Study of Ruth, part 4…

Vs. 17. Boaz made it possible for Ruth to glean, but she was diligent in her work. This is something all Christians should have. “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord. (Rom. 12:11). Ruth was a women of faith, but also was found faithful in every task. “True faith produces faithfulness.” “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20). If she had not labored through the day she would not have filled her basket (1 bushel and 3 pints).  After gleaning, she had to beat out that which she gleaned. Sounds like a hard days work! There are two things we can learn from this passage about a harvest, 1.praying, 2. go into the fields and glean. Matt. 9: 37-38. Here are two bonus things to remember, 1. ‘A living faith is a going faith.’ 2. ‘Many a little makes a great deal.’ Vs. 18-19. Naomi says, “My, I’ve never seen anything quite like this! Where have you been today? Somebody has shown undue consideration for you.” Ruth tells the story of her day without realizing how important the man, Boaz is.  But, Naomi knows. Vs. 20. Lets look at this, another law that will be strange to us. Lev. 25: 25-28 explains God’s law about redemption of property. Lev. 25:47-48 is the law of God showing the redemption of people that have sold themselves into bondage. The goel, or Kinsman-Redeemer is a beautiful type of Christ. The kinsman redemption was of persons, and an inheritance. The Redeemer must be a kinsman. The Redeemer must be able to redeem. Redemption must pay the just demand in full. Exodus is the book of redemption, and teaches: 1. redemption is wholly of God. 2. Redemption is through a person. 3. Redemption is by blood. 4. Redemption is by power. The blood of Christ redeems the believer from the guilt and the penalty of sin. The power of the Holy Spirit delivers from the dominion of sin. The word ‘redeem’ means ‘to buy back’, or ‘buy back’, and ‘to take possession of.’ The one who redeems evicts and dispossess all those who have held his purchased during the time of its bondage. He takes personal possession of that which has been bought back. Here are 7 characteristics of our Kinsman-Redeemer, the One who has the right to redeem. 1. It is a divine appointment. Only one who is appointed by God has the right to redeem. (John10:16-18). 2. The redeemer must be near to kin of the one he redeems. (Heb. 2: 10-13). 3. The kinsman-redeemer himself be entirely free of debt. (Heb. 7:26). The one that redeems must fulfil the Law of God. He must fill in all the blanks. 5. The redeemer must be willing to redeem. No one can be forced to redeem. Because of love, the Lord Jesus Christ became our redeemer. (Ex. 50:5-7). 6. The redemption is specific and special, nothing general. The Kinsman-redeemer restored what he had not taken away. (Ps. 69:4).Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, His work cannot be counted. (Rev. 7:9). 7. The One who has the right to redeem must raise up a seed. Our Kinsman-redeemer will raise up a seed. There are some people in this world who, having been chosen by God in eternal election and redeemed by special redemption, must and shall be saved by God’s omnipotent grace. (Isa. 53: 10-12. Ps. 22:30-31) Vs. 21-23. This is about six weeks. A six-week courtship of a very special couple. At the end, Boaz, the rich kinsman, and Ruth, the stranger, were in love. Remember this all occurred during the time of the Judges, which was written that Gideon had many wives and Samson had notorious affairs with women. In times of great sin and ungodly behavior, some still cling to faith and uphold the Law’s of God. The honest love of a man and of a woman is born in the heart of God! In the Song of Solomon it reads…for love is strong as death….Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. Chapter 3 takes place on the threshing floor of Boaz. It’s obvious that Ruth was not claiming what she had a right to, so Naomi takes matters on. She becomes the matchmaker. Vs. 1. For six weeks now Naomi has been watching Boaz and Ruth return from the harvest work and she has seen what is happening, they are falling in love. The harvest is complete, but Ruth is very modest and is not making any claim on Boaz. So Naomi asks, “shall I seek rest for thee.” ‘Rest’ of course is marriage, things are not moving quickly enough for her .

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