Study of Ruth part 5….

Chap. 3 vs. 2. Here is what Naomi is telling Ruth, “This man Boaz is your kinsman-redeemer. You have a right to claim him. In fact, Ruth, you must claim him as your kinsman-redeemer. I want you to go up to the threshing floor tonight and let him know.” Vs. 3. This is a great verse to study. Naomi tells Ruth to do these four things and in these four things are the picture if the sinner who comes to Christ. 1. Wash thyself. Read Titus 3:5. We need a bath, a washing of regeneration, ‘Ye must be born again.’ John Wesley was asked why he always preached on ‘ye must be born again.’ “Well”, he said, “I’ll tell you. The reason that I preach on ‘ye must be born again’ is because ye must be born again.” Naomi tells Ruth to wash up. 2. “Anoint thee.” We need and have an anointing of the Holy Spirit. 1 John 2:20- “But ye have an unction (anointing) from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” 3. “Put thy raiment upon thee.” In Romans 3:22 Paul speaks of it as a garment that comes down over the sinner, covering him, so that God sees us in Christ, and His righteousness becomes our righteousness. 4. Naomi tells Ruth to get down to the threshing floor. The sinner needs to get to the threshing floor to claim our Kinsman-redeemer! Vs. 4-6. Ruth is instructed to go to where Boaz has retired and to take her place at his feet. Then she is to pull his long mantle, the Chudda, over her that he might know that she sought shelter and protection. This was a quiet way to let Boaz know that she would be willing to accept him as her kinsman-redeemer. Remember this was all the under the direction Naomi. Any critics of this method, and there are some, which there is nothing funny or immoral going on here need to keep in mind the originator, Naomi. She would not have instructed Ruth to do something that would violate God’s law. The threshing floor was a public place. Families of the harvesters were there. There would be praises to God, a dinner, and some sort of worship service. Vs. 7-8. Boaz gets cold, the cloak has been pulled off of him. He sits up reaches down and finds a woman.

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