Study of the Book of Ruth 8….

Vs. 7, cont. Some church members don’t have shoes. They have their heart free of sin, they are sure of their salvation, they rightly use the Word of God. But they are shoeless- they are not prepared to share the Gospel. Those who do not advance the Kingdom of God are stationary soldiers; any evangelistic movement is too painful for them. If they are seeking to save the lost, they are taking ground for God’s Kingdom. Vs. 8-10. First the property and then Ruth. Property/persons. There were some far reaching consequences from this transaction! Two poor widows are renewed- one becomes a bride- one goes from bitterness to pleasant again. Boaz is transformed from single to great blessing and joy. It made David and ultimately Christ. Vs. 11. The people of Bethlehem are celebrating, rejoicing because Ruth had won their hearts, she had not chased men, and as an outsider or foreigner she had come to trust God as her Savior. Vs. 12-14. Versus 11-12 is a prayer by the elders of the city.  The transaction was concluded by prayer. Business and marriage. Just as business is not solely a secular affair divorced from God, neither is marriage separated from the life of God. “Marriages are made in heaven, and if not, they become an earthly hell.” Verse 13 is their happy ending. Rev. 19:7 is our happy ending. Vs. 15-16. You can see how precious Naomi’s grandson is to her. Vs. 17. Obed means “servant” or “worshiper.” Not a blood relation to Naomi, but legally her grandson. Naomi’s estate will go to Obed.  Vs. 18-22. The book of Ruth concludes with Obed’s genealogy. Arguably, these verses are as important as any portion of the Old Testament. This little book connects the family of David with the tribe of Judah. Jesus Christ, our Kinsman-Redeemer. What are the requirements for a Kinsman-Redeemer? 1. He must be a near kinsman. 2. He must be willing to redeem. 3. He must be able to redeem. 4. He must be free himself. 5. He has to have the price to redeem.  These are the five facts that qualify the Kinsman-Redeemer under God’s Law. Christ in His humanity fulfilled the first two requirements, Christ, in His deity fulfilled the next two, Christ as the God-Man, met the final requirement.

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