Book of Ruth 7…

Chapter 4- Ruth, a stranger came all the way from the land of Moab and walked straight into the heart of Boaz. We have come from a strange place to the heart of Christ and we have a love story like Ruth and Boaz have. Everything in this chapter is designed by God the Holy Spirit to direct our hearts and minds to the Lord Jesus Christ and His great work of redemption.  Vs. 1 “Boaz went up to the gate.” What did the gate serve in those days? The courthouse. Boaz went to the gate for two reasons, #1. This is where the court was held, and he is going to take his other kinsman to court. #2. Boaz knew that his kinsman would pass through this gate sooner or later, so he sat down and waited. Who was this other man? Relations in those days were not spoken of like we do today. He could have been the brother of Elimelech, but what it really came to, either you were kin or not. Boaz sat at the gate to intercede for Ruth, just like Christ sits at the right hand of the Father and intercedes for all believers. For Boaz, failure was not an option, just like Christ. Like our Saviour, “He will, not might, or could or maybe, but WILL save His people from their sins.” (Matt.1:21). Vs. 2.  Is Boaz ready for action and ready to leave nothing to chance? Ten elders or ten witnesses could represent the Ten Commandants. The court is in session and Boaz is more than ready to state his case. Vs. 3. “Naomi has a parcel of land to sell, namely, the equity of the redemption of it out of the hands of the mortgagee, which she is willing to part with;’’ and, wanting money, for a small matter she would sell her interest to the heir at law, who was fittest to be the purchaser. The law states property before persons when it comes to redemption.             Vs. 4. Boaz gives this man the priority that belongs to him and the question is- does this man want to be the redeemer? Notice how he responds: “I will redeem it.” Apparently he is a generous man. In those days, there was a certain disgrace or criticism to refuse to redeem property. What do you suppose Boaz felt when this man said yes?  His heart probably sank to his sandals- it would have taken the wind from his sails. But, as any man who has ever been in love and is trying to obtain a bride- he has a plan B. Vs. 5. Boaz said, “Just one more thing, there is a woman, a Moabitess, she was married to a son of Elimech, she is the one to inherit the land. So redeem the property and you also get to redeem this woman- marry her, she is tied to the property.” Notice that Boaz makes it very plain what Ruth’s nationality is. Why would he do this? Read Deut. 23:3. Bringing Ruth into the congregation would jeopardize this man’s own property. This is something Boaz would have no problem with. His love for Ruth means he would do whatever it would take to be with her. All the other man heard was “Moabitess.” Vs. 6. The answer goes from “I will” to “I cannot.” This is a very interesting verse that shows a great picture of contrast for us. We have Boaz and we have the other kinsman, if Boaz represents Christ, then who does the other kinsman represent?  The Law. The Law could never redeem us. Read Rom. 3:20. The Law was given to reveal man’s true condition.  God’s standard is the Law and we all fall well short of it. We need a Kinsman-Redeemer who loves us and who was not only willing to risk everything, but gave His life. Vs. 7. The removal of the shoe and the placing of it in the hands of the first party was a legal document of great importance in that day. Remember the law in Deuteronomy said when the redeemer refused to marry the widow of the deceased, she was to take the shoe off his foot and spit in his face. That man from then on out would be called “ the house of him that hath his shoe loosed.” Boaz did not spit in the man’s face, but did with draw the shoe. Ruth was supposed to do all this, but Boaz acted on her behalf. Why do you think he did this? Two reasons, 1. she was a Gentile, and 2, she was too modest to push the matter publicly. Does the Bible have anything to say about shoes? Eph. 6:15. Don’t go barefoot! Only the Gospel can clothe us.

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