Book of Esther Bible study, chapter 5 vs 7 through chapter 7 vs 6…

Chapter 5 vs 7-8 Esther does not have the courage to express her request to the king. It seems like she is stalling for time. This adjourning of the main petition may be attributed, (1.) To Esther’s prudence; thus she hoped yet further to win upon him and ingratiate herself with him. Perhaps her heart failed her now when she was going to make her request, and she desired to take some further time for prayer, that God would give her a mouth and wisdom. The putting of it off thus, it is likely, she knew would be well taken as an expression of the great reverence she had for the king, and her unwillingness to be too pressing upon him. What is hastily asked is often as hastily denied; but what is asked with a pause deserves to be considered. (2.) To God’s providence putting it into Esther’s heart to delay her petition a day longer, she knew not why, but God did, that what was to happen in the night intervening between this and tomorrow might further her design and make way for her success, that Haman might arrive at the highest pitch of malice against Mordecai and might begin to fall before him. The Jews perhaps blamed Ester for procrastinating, and some of them began to suspect her sincerity, or at least her zeal; but the event disproved their jealousy, and all was for the best.

vs 9 “Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Prov. 16:18). Haman strolls down the street, all puffed up from his one on one visit with the king and queen. The kingdom bowing left and right, and then he comes to the gate and there is Mordecai.

vs 10-11 Haman comes home and calls his friends so he can do some bragging.

vs 12 Along with bragging about his money and position, Haman brags about being favored by the queen. Lunch today and dinner tomorrow.

vs 13 Someone once said that you can tell the size of the man by the things that irritate him. If little things irritate him, he is a little man. If it takes big things to irritate him, he is a big man.  Haman proves he is a little man.

vs 14 At the suggestion of his wife and friends, Haman has a gallows built that is 75 feet tall! Mordecai’s name means ‘short.’ This shows the hatred and bitterness of heart that Haman had for Mordecai.

Chapter 6 vs 1 No sleep for the king seems like a small thing, but God uses small things. Wonder why the king did request music(Dan. 6:18)? Hearing this book read will cause him to think on the events that had taken place. Count the little things that add up as we read on in this chapter.

vs 2-3 Could have been forgetfulness, envy by others of the king’s court, or the fact that he was a Jew.

vs 4-6 Who has never had this happen to them? It happens a lot when one person is thinking of a certain person and the other person is thinking he is talking about an entirely different person. Man – He names none, because he would have the more impartial answer. And probably knew nothing of the difference between Haman and Mordecai. Thought – As he had great reason to do, because of the favour which the king had showed to him above all others.

vs 7-9 What does Haman’s answer reveal? What is his true objective? Haman has the throne in mind, he wants to be king and at the right time, he would make his move.

vs 10 There is probably no worse thing that Haman could hear then this.

vs 11 How humiliating would this be for Haman?

vs 12-14 Mordecai returned to his duty, no big deal, but Haman ‘hasted’, as if he were a leper to sulk. His head covered in shame. Haman’s wife and friends tell him he is in a bad way and now the king and queen have sent for him to attend the banquet. Things are out of control for Haman, but in the control of God.

Chapter 7 vs 1-2 Haman is in a state of confusion, not knowing why Mordecai had been rewarded and he had not. Esther, in the meantime, has ramped up and found her courage. The king, for a third time, offers up half of his kingdom for Esther.

vs 3-4 This was a shock to Haman and the king. No one knew that the queen was a Jew. No longer afraid, Esther takes her place next to her people. Esther’s words here are beautiful.

vs 5 The king’s answer makes one wonder if he even knows what is going on. He gives Haman the power to wipe out an entire race and doesn’t even remember it.

vs 6 Haman has nothing to say. He is probably still in shock.

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