Study of Esther, chapter 7 verse 7 through Chapter 8 verse 6

Chap 7 vs 7 The king needs to cool off and Haman now becomes like a slave before the queen to beg for his life and deliverance from the wrath of the king.

vs 8 The king returns and sees Haman in a position that appears to be doing harm to the queen. The king speaks what he sees and the palace guards leap into action to restrain Haman.

vs 9-10 Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” The king was judge jury and executioner! He wasted no time on disposing of Haman. Read Psalm 37: 35-36, Dan. 6:24. We should be sensitive to God’s interventions every day. Here are 3 ways we can do that, 1. “The fog on your lake is neither accidental nor fatal.” Sometimes we will be trying all sorts of different swimming techniques to stay a float, but in all those times we need to be listening for His voice. Listening with great sensitivity. 2 Cor 5:7, get into His Word, get on our knees, take wise counsel from those that are grounded in the Faith. Then wait, and then,wait some more. Don’t try to read the stars or palms and don’t listen to those that say they can. 2. “The workings of God are not related to our clocks; they are related to our crises.” God does not care what time it is here, so while waiting, we should look beyond the present. What would be the best way to do that? Pray! Be a man or woman of prayer. Tell Him of the urgency, the horror of waiting, your panic, ask Him to hurry, He can handle it. 3. “The surprises in store are not merely ironic or coincidental, they are sovereignly designed.” Don’t doubt or deny that He is at work. What looks like the very end, is really the very beginning. Look at the Cross, Rome, the Jewish officials,  rejoiced! Then three days later, it wasn’t the end,it was the beginning! Esther makes a great model to follow, but the focus needs to on God. How perfect His work, His providence, His control and interest in our lives.

Chap 8 vs 1-2 Esther at last reveals her relationship to Mordecai. Here goes the king again, giving out that powerful ring, it seems, on a whim. This time, the ring will be in good hands.

vs 3 Esther cries for help from the king, but nothing really can be done to change the decree. Esther cries, she wept. The genuine, compassionate tears of a woman are absolutely irresistible. Rare is the man that is near those tears and is not softened by them. A woman’s tears can melt the hardest heart! Another fix to a heart problem, the Lord. Proverbs 21:1-2. No heart is so stubborn that God cannot penetrate it. No will is so determined that God cannot break through. No one, powerful or not, is a match for the living God.

vs 4-6 Esther makes it clear to the king that judgement against Haman is no good unless something is done to keep Haman from exacting revenge from the grave. Something must be done to save her people!

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