Book of Esther, chapter 8 vs. 7 – chapter 10 vs.3

Chapter 8 vs 7 Okay, great, the king has given to Esther and Mordecai the house of Haman, but the decree is still in effect to kill all Jews. Just because Haman is dead, that doesn’t make it better.

vs 8-9 The scribes must have carpal tunnel by now. Mordecai acts quickly to have a new law written in every language in the kingdom. This is approx. 2 months after the first decrees writing and 9 months before executing of it.

vs 10-12 For two months the Jews had been under the death penalty, with no pardon seen, and now they had to believe the king was on their side and had issued the decree to save them. Sound familiar? We also must believe the King of kings is on our side!

vs 13-14 They were to go ASAP. A lost person needs to make haste to Christ. That is the only thing He wants us to do in a hurry, come to Him for salvation. They knew the time, but we don’t. Our time could be short! Christ could come for His bride any day.

vs 15 From sackcloth and ashes to royal apparel! Notice the difference between the two decrees, Haman’s brought sadness and the king’s brings gladness. Like sinners, sad to joy.

vs 16 God is light. Jesus is the Light of the world. He is also gladness, and joy, and honour. He lifts us up out of the muck of this world. We should be doing three things today, 1. rejoice always, 2. pray without ceasing, 3. in all things give thanks. If we have Christ, we must have joy and be joyful.

vs 17 Read Zech. 8:23.  

Chapter 9 vs 1-2 Thanks to the king’s new decree, the Jews ready themselves for attack, to defend. Some ancient writings say that only the Amalekites took up arms against the Jews. Their hearts being hardened like Pharaoh’s.

Vs 3-4 Notice that the throne that once condemned the Jews, now protects them. Did the people take up arms to help the Jews because they liked them? No, they took up arms because they feared Mordecai. Not only was he high up in the kingdom, but word had spread about his wisdom and virtue. Today, the Throne of God protects us, believers. Rom. 8: 33-34. No one can condemn a believer today. Follow this with Heb. 4: 14-16.

Vs 5-10 We see the names of the ten sons of Haman were killed. Why do you think that their names are listed here, recorded for history to see? Did you notice, “but on the spoil laid they not their hand?” They could have taken the spoil, but they just defended themselves and went no further. They also could have killed women and children, but there is no recording of any of that happening.

Vs 11-12 The king seems dumbfounded that the Jews killed that many people in Shushan alone and ponders how many were killed in the other 127 provinces. It is interesting that the king continues to trust Esther in these matters. He has seen her character in the last hours and greatly admires her. Prov. 31:11, “the heart of her husband trusts in her.”

Vs 13-14 The queen asks for one more day and the opportunity to display the bodies of Haman’s son, to warn others to never try to repeat what Haman tried.

Vs 15 With self-control, the Jews again defend themselves and take no plunder.

Vs 16 The king gets his answer from all the provinces that were killed, 75,000.

Vs 17-19 The very day the Jews were to be wiped out, they find rest and have a feast, the feast of Purim, still celebrated by Jews to this day.

Vs 20 Probably Mordecai wrote the book of Esther.

Vs 21-27 Today the Feast of Purim is celebrated by orthodox Jews in their synagogues. Gladness and the reading of the book of Esther is all part of the celebration. While reading the book, when they come to the name of Haman, after reading it they spit. The next day they have the food feast. A two-day feast which is really explained well in verse 22.

Vs 28-32 Esther  gives her people a lasting reminder that God is faithful as He keeps His promises and preserves His people. You just have to say, “Well done, Queen Esther!”

Chapter 10 vs 1-3 The Jews pray three prayers at the Feast of Purim, 1. They thank Jehovah that they are counted worthy. 2. They thank Him for preserving their ancestors. 3. They thank Him that they lived to enjoy another festival. As Christians, we should a spiritual meaning in the Passover Feast. 1 Cor. 5:7…Christ our passover is sacrificed for us.” He is the salvation of God for us. The keeping power of God is shown in the Feast of Purim. His providence, His sovereignty, “The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord, Prov. 16:33. God overruled Judas Iscariot, Hitler, Stalin and He will overrule me, you, us. If we slip out from under God’s direct dealings, we have not slipped out from His providential dealings.

“He knows and loves and cares,
Nothing this truth can dim:
He gives the very best to those
Who leave the choice to Him.”

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