Denial. Is that something that many people have? I have it, a lot. Especially when it comes to my person, to me. I work a little at staying fit, eating a certain way, and taking care for my health. I used to do it because of vain reasons, but now I do it so that I can serve the Lord better in Disaster Relief, Baptist Builders, climbing trees for ladies in our congregation or just playing with our grandson Leo. So, when something goes wrong with my body, I think, not me, “I’m healthy.” I go into denial! I think it must be a guy thing, or maybe it is a gene thing. I am afraid I  may have passed it onto our children. A month ago our daughter drops a brick on her foot, says, “I’ll just put some salve on it.” Goes bowling wearing a slipper on her foot instead of a bowling shoe. Can go bowling, but not go to the doctor and have it checked. A gene thing. Denial…I am sure Norm has it and has passed it on to all of us, in some sort of Zombie way…

Since around the time we stared hiking in the high mountains of Colorado, I started having dizzy spells anytime my head was below my waist. I thought, for some bizarre reason, that the trailer was not level and that it was affecting my equilibrium. I insisted that we buy a level and worked meticulously to level the little trailer,  every time we parked. Twice the trailer rolled one way or the other on us, making Norm leap out of bed! Of course, we have camped in the little camper that could for five or so summers and I never had that problem before. Earlier in the summer, while training for our hikes, I had another inner ear issue, it affected me in a way that I could not deny, so I went to the Doctor and he instructed me to take some over the counter medicine, and in less than a week, I was healed. So, in Colorado, I got the same medicine and took the whole package. I did the same thing in Wyoming and again in Colorado during our D.R. call-out. Things just kept getting worse. I could not have performed a mud out job, I know that God knew that and He gave me the mentally tough job as opposed to the physically tough job. In Texas, Norm says, “I think you have an ear infection.” The light came on for both of us, and now, after a visit to urgent care (30 minutes at most, no charge), some meds, and two days later, I am feeling different, not really better. 

I wrote all of that to write this. Our son, one of our reasons for coming to Oklahoma, has some strange thing going on with his ankle. Does not go straight away to the doctor, says, “I’ll just put some salve on it.” From two visits to the Veterans Administration (the second visit, a nine- hour wait to see a nurse, no doctor), could be a spider bite gone horribly wrong, could be a reaction to his Lupus, could be some sort of staff infection, or it could be that they don’t know what it is, which is probably the right answer. So, they load him up with a bunch of medicine (for free), kind of like, lets throw a whole lot of crap against a wall and see if anything sticks method of health care. Our tax dollars at work! Free health care for life sounds good till you actually try to collect on it. 

Luke 9:11  “And the people, when they knew it, followed Him: and He received them, and spoke unto them of the Kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.” 10151312461015131247

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We live and travel full time in our fifth wheel or cargo trailer. We work for the Lord Jesus Christ in Disaster Relief Ministry. When not doing any of the above we try to have as much fun as we can. Possible items you might find here, in no particular order, dirt bikes, quads, hiking, camping, desert living, building projects, stained glass projects, our family, Bible study, RVing stuff, nutrition comments, and just about anything else we can think of....

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