Let’s try Religion…

In chapter five Solomon tries something that should be of interest to us all, religion. He intends to find satisfaction in religion, and guess what, he can’t. Through out history, religion has damned more people then it has saved. You can easily research this on your own. The difference between Christianity and all other religions is the Lord Jesus Christ! A relationship, not a religion. If you have religion, kick it to the curb and get Jesus Christ.

Verses 1-8 Solomon tells how he seeks to be satisfied in religion.

Verses 10-14 Solomon now, seeks satisfaction by pursuing enjoyment and wealth. When I was young and unsaved I always believed wealth would be the greatest thing ever. It won’t. Wealth is never condemned in the Bible. Making wealth an idol, that’s wrong. So is being a cheapskate. Both are wrong. One of the things Ecclesiastes teaches us is not to hold onto anything to tightly. Greed, a modern day problem. It has only one cure, Jesus…

Published by normdave

We live and travel full time in our fifth wheel or cargo trailer. We work for the Lord Jesus Christ in Disaster Relief Ministry. When not doing any of the above we try to have as much fun as we can. Possible items you might find here, in no particular order, dirt bikes, quads, hiking, camping, desert living, building projects, stained glass projects, our family, Bible study, RVing stuff, nutrition comments, and just about anything else we can think of....

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