Pursing Wealth concludes…

In chapter 6, Solomon concludes his search for happiness through money. The rich man can only eat so much a day, he can only sleep in one bed at a time. He will live no longer then the poor man. When the rich man leaves this world he will take nothing with him. There is no pocket in a shroud, no U-Haul attached to the coffin. Look at the book of Job. Job was a rich man and he said that he came into the world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing. It is pointless giving your life to the pursuit of what does not bring happiness here, and adding no value to the hereafter…Dedicate your life to the pursuit of Jesus, that will bring happiness…John 13:17.

Published by normdave

We live and travel full time in our fifth wheel or cargo trailer. We work for the Lord Jesus Christ in Disaster Relief Ministry. When not doing any of the above we try to have as much fun as we can. Possible items you might find here, in no particular order, dirt bikes, quads, hiking, camping, desert living, building projects, stained glass projects, our family, Bible study, RVing stuff, nutrition comments, and just about anything else we can think of....

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