Study of Ruth part 6….

Vs. 9. This is one of those tender moments from a movie that both guys

and gals can enjoy. A great verse of love in the Word of God. Ruth is
saying, “I want you as my kinsman-redeemer, and I want to tell you so.” If
you are a guy you can see and feel the change in Boaz in verse 10.
Vs. 10. Boaz speaks to Ruth, “When you came here, it was obvious you
were not husband-hunting.” Look at Deut. 25: 5, 7-10. Ruth, under the
guidance of Naomi, did none of this. In a quiet and respectable way she
revealed her intentions to Boaz. He will now spring into action as would
any man that is in love would do. Have you thanked God lately for the love
story He has given us? For our near Kinsman-Redeemer who loved us,
and gave Himself in order to redeem us.
Vs. 11. We talked earlier about the talk of the town, gossip, good gossip
about Ruth’s good reputation. Probably, most town people thought she
would be a no good scoundrel because she was from Moab. “Exemplary
virtue ought to have its due praise (Phil. 4:8 ), and it will recommend both
men and women to the esteem of the wisest and best. Ruth was a poor
woman, and poverty often obscures the lustre of virtue; yet Ruth’s virtues,
even in a mean condition, were generally taken notice of and could not be
hid; nay, her virtues took away the reproach of her poverty. If poor people
be but good people, they shall have honour from God and man. Ruth had
been remarkable for her humility, which paved the way to this honour. The
less she proclaimed her own goodness the more did her neighbours take
notice of it.” Matthew Henry.
Vs. 12. Is this a man in love or what? How did he know about this other
man? Like any man that is, or has been in love, he has been investigating,
planning, thinking, and I would guess scheming. This other near kinsman
has Boaz’s hands tied. This other man was probably a brother of
Elimelech’s and an uncle of Ruth’s first husband. Naomi probably did not
know about this man, otherwise she would not have instructed Ruth to
pursue Boaz.

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